Frequently Asked Questions

We know that it’s important that you feel great about the snacks you give your family, and that’s why we make our snacks using only high-quality Non-GMO ingredients without artificial flavors or artificial preservatives. It’s also why we continue to expand our portfolio to offer you and your family a variety of snacking choices that include gluten-free, vegan and organic options.

While we don’t use alcohol to produce our Garden Veggie Snacks® products, we can’t guarantee alcohol isn’t used to produce the natural flavors.

The serving size of Garden Veggie Snacks Baked Corn Puffs is 1 oz (28 g) in accordance with food labeling regulations. We cannot guarantee “piece count” due to inherent variation in the sizes of individual puffs.

We offer a variety of different snacking choices to meet you and your family’s needs. Some of our products, such as our Zesty Ranch Veggie Straws, Cheddar Cheese Veggie Straws and NEW Screamin’ Hot Veggie Straws will contain dairy ingredients in the seasonings. Our dairy-containing products are clearly indicated in the allergen warning on the packaging, below the ingredient statement. If you have an allergy, we recommend reviewing the allergen statement prior to consuming.
If an item is vegan suitable, it will contain a ‘vegan’ call out on the packaging.

We adhere to CFIA allergen labeling regulations. If sesame is contained in the product, it is required to be called out in the allergen warning statement on the packaging.
From time to time, we reformulate our products and ingredients may change. Please refer to the allergen statement listed clearly under the ingredients on the packaging.

Yes. The colored straws contain powdered forms of the respective vegetable intended.
• Red have tomato
• Green have spinach
• Light yellow have potato only

We use any or all the oils in our manufacturing process. The nutrition information (i.e. fat and calories) remains the same regardless of the oil used.

Garden Veggie Snacks Sea Salt Pita Bites do not contain barley malt.

Currently, the recipe for our Rosemary & Olive Oil Veggie Straws does contain garlic and onion in the natural flavors or spices.

The monoglycerides in Garden Veggie Snacks Stackable chips are plant-derived.

Currently, the recipe for our Garden Veggie Snacks Cinnamon Apple Straws does not contain mustard or sesame in the natural flavors.
Please be advised, from time to time we reformulate our products and ingredients may change.

Currently, the recipe for our Garden Veggie Snacks Cheddar Cheese Veggie Straws does not contain mustard.
From time to time, we reformulate our products and ingredients may change.

Our Sea Salt Garden Veggie Straws are typically seasoned with sea salt. The Veggie Straws themselves are processed with non-iodized salt.

While our products do not contain nut ingredients, we cannot guarantee that our facility is nut-free. Our manufacturing facilities follow rigid allergen control programs and good manufacturing practices to prevent cross-contact with allergens.

The beta carotene in Garden Veggie Snacks® Veggie Straws made with Sweet Potato is plant-derived.
The process by which it is extracted is proprietary to our supplier.

Bone char is not used.

The sugar is not bleached.

No, we do not use Titanium Dioxide in our products.

Our Garden Veggie Straws, Garden Veggie Chips and Stacked Chips are fried.
Our new Garden Veggie Puffs are baked.

Yes, the sunflower oil is refined.

The ingredients for our Garden Veggie Snacks® are from conventionally grown crops. We require compliance from our suppliers that any pesticide or herbicide residues are below the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations allowable limits.

• 25oz Veggie Straws with Garden Pea
• 25oz Organic Veggie Straws
• 36Count Variety box – SS & Ranch (Costco & Sam’s Club)
• 20oz Apple Straws (Sam’s Club)
• 36 count Puffs Variety pack – BBQ, SCO & White Cheddar (Sam’s Club)
• 23.5 oz Veggie Straws SS (Sam’s Club)
• 20oz Screamin’ Hot Veggie Straws (Sam’s Club)

Garden Veggie Snacks products are not currently distributed in Europe.

Note: Not all chains will offer all products.
• Wal-Mart Supercentres
• Sobeys Quebec
• Liquidation World
• Unique Foods Montreal
• Lumsden Brother
• Nationwide
• Nature’s Emporium
• Organic Garage
• Highland Farms
• Overwaitea
• London Drug